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Making a firewall using eBPFs and cgroups

12 minute read

eBPFs are fun. They present an easy way to insert pieces of code in the kernel which are compiled to opcodes which are guaranteed to not crash it: The instru...

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Rust-OS Kernel - Task scheduler

19 minute read

This post is about writing a simple, round-robin task scheduler for my Rust kernel. It builds on some concepts I wrote about in my previous post: To userspac...

Rust-OS Kernel - To userspace and back!

26 minute read

This post documents my attempts to manage to jump (or return?) from kernel-space to usermode in my Rust kernel so that it can do what a kernel is supposed to...

WASM Game of Life

less than 1 minute read

This is an implementation of Game Of Life in Rust compiled to WASM based on the Rust and WASM book. This means it’s Rust, running on the browser, faster than...

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E-class < 3.6 code execution

7 minute read

I’ve been planning to do this write-up for a while now, but I decided to wait for at least 40 days after reporting this bug before disclosing it, as it conce...

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First month of GSoC 2017

10 minute read

The first month of my Google Summer of Code is already coming to an end, and the Phase 1 evaluation is also around the corner, which coincidentally is also t...

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